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    Who is Kim Randall?

    Well, if you moustache . . .

    Kim Randall is a Social Brand Strategist & Interwebs Addict, Blogger, Lame joke teller, St. Louis Cardinals fan (woot! woot! 2011 Champs!!), Twitterholic, Second Life Resident (Sadie Pippita), entrepreneur, CEO of KiMedia Strategies Tampa Social Media, Startup Weekend Tampa co-organizer and Chihuahua owner.
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    The Hustle

    Entrepreneur / Enthusiast

    From preschool teacher to entrepreneur, Kim shares tips, stories and thoughts to help other entrepreneurs that are starting out just as she did, on a whim with a hope, prayer and a small support system. Kim is now CEO of KiMedia Strategies, Co-founder of, and Partner at Kim has spoken about her passion in radio interviews, TEDx presentations and to several organizations around Tampa Bay.
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    The Foodie

    Vegetarian / Picky Eater

    Kim chose to become a vegetarian in November of 2011. Coming from an Italian family meat is just as common as pasta and garlic. Kim has coined herself as being a “vegetarian with pescetarian tendencies” and has a new found love for watermelon, avocados and blueberries. Follow Kim’s journey as she paves her own path, finds new recipes, tries new foods and uncovers the secrets to successfully dining out in a meat eaters world.
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    The Geek

    Lover of Techno-Gadgets

    Kim’s love for technology began many years ago and continues to excite daily. She has always been an early adopter of new tech sites and gadgets, but tries not to get caught up in the hype. She is also partner of, a dating site for Geeks and those who love them. Here you will find reviews, tutorials and tips on all things tech related. For tips and to have your product or site reviewed email get in touch.

This is the first time I’m seeing this on my Facebook page. Have you seen it? Are we sharing too much now? Is Facebook literally becoming your public memory book? Not sure if the world needs to know about my first kiss….

It’s been seven years since Steve Jobs announced the iPhone. Seven years since the 41st CMT Music Awards where Carrie Underwood and Kenny Chesney won. It’s been seven years since Barry Bonds broke Hank Aaron’s record hitting his 756th home run. Seven years ago today the most important man in my life passed away. The […]

One of my favorite Youtubers has been getting a lot of negativity lately surrounding his recent divorce, new girlfriend and a million other things that people without a real life seem to come up with. This blog post has nothing to do with ANY of those. In fact, it has everything to do with the […]

I’ve been wanting to blog about this for quite some time, but have never been more passionate or fired up than I am at this exact moment. I’m so tired of fighting with my inner voice. I’m tired of it telling me that because I’m not a “perfect” size 5 that I am not good […]

I’ve only been a vegetarian for just over a year so I really have not tried all of the vegetarian sandwiches out there.  If you’re a vegetarian noob like me and are looking for some delicious sandwiches when you’re not at home check these out: Jimmy John’s – The bread is sinfully delicious so really […]

WhatsApp has come under a lot of fire lately concerning security issues which seem to have been circling it for over a year now. Not sure why? Is your memory getting a little foggy and your preference for the app getting the best of your rational recall? If so, let’s look at some not so […]

Just when you thought gift giving couldn’t get anymore easy… Enter BetterBoo! BetterBoo is a startup that makes it so easy for people to figure out what gift a friend would like. Think of it as a gift registry of sorts with categories similar to pinboards on Pinterest. You can search for anything and as […] does exactly how it sounds, puts your Instagram snapshots on canvas. The best part about this is you can make money selling your images! I received notice that they were ready to open my gallery last night, yay! The one thing that worried me when I first saw my friends gallery was the fact that […]

Having goals keeps you focused. Letting people know what your goals actually are will motivate you to complete those goals because let’s face it, it feels great to be able to say you have accomplished something you challenged yourself to do. Every week (probably a Friday) I am going to let all of you know […]

Today has made it officially one year from the day that I lost a man that was very close to me. A man that was one of my best friends. When we were together we were like two peas in a pod. We were always laughing, telling jokes and probably annoying my Mom :-). My […]

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